Confessions of a Flooring Bigot.

Laminate Floors are Sexy Too!There comes a point in our lives when we look into ourselves, and sometimes what we see there frightens us. All of us have had dealings with people and things that cause us to distrust and prejudge an entire race, religion or whatever. We all know the folly of this behavior, while still maintaining the lie that we have no problem. Well, I’m coming clean today about a lifetime of prejudice that has cursed me: I was a Laminate Flooring Bigot.

Yes me—an owner/partner of the hippest flooring store in Erie, PA.  I’ve carried these feelings deep within me for the better part of my life. Since I was a boy, no laminate flooring was good enough for me. No matter how durable or authentic it looked, it always seemed to come up short. I don’t know that if was the peaking or swelling—or that it just didn’t look real enough to suite my perfectionist ideals of what flooring should be. Even if it was in great condition, my mind’s eye always told me otherwise. Upon self-examination, I’ve found that this prejudice about Laminate Flooring has even colored my consultative services with my clients. Well no more, I’m done!

As with all large groups, there are always the offending misfits–that small slice of the pie that encourages us to broad-brush the whole. For my own Laminate Floor issues, it was the cheap stuff that got me. It was the friend that confided, “Hey, I just got this laminate at Home Depot for $19 a box!” Or the neighbor that “just picked up some from a discount store.” When I looked at the finished project, I couldn’t help notice the chipped corners, peaking seams and fake-jake textures. But the older/wiser me now knows that these examples are the ‘bad-eggs’, not a representation of what heights that good laminate flooring can soar to.

In the past, laminate flooring has stood out to me like a soar thumb. But since reputable brands like Quick Step, Mannington and Formica have devoted their engineering staff to alleviating these bad-egg problems I’m no longer the laminate dark-cloud I once was. Realistic patterns and textures, thicker wear layers, anti-scuff coatings, high-density cores and (most importantly) phenomenal connecting systems have successfully dispelled my negative floorism. With all of this technology and innovation, here is a proud sampling of the benefits of Good Laminate Flooring:

  • Exceptional durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra stain-resistance
  • UV & fade resist
  • Fingerprint & smudge resistant
  • Can be installed on any floor of the home
  • Play’s well with different sub-floor types
  • Superior impact & dent resistance
  • Authentic wood, tile and stone patterns
  • Easy to repair if damaged
  • Cost effective with exceptional value

Today’s Laminate is well-suited for people that yearn for the feel of real hardwood, tile or stone, but don’t want the maintenance costs that are associated these with natural products. Laminate Flooring PetsDesigned with a durable wear layer, it is much stronger than most solid hardwood, vinyl, and carpet. It repels dents and scratches that adversely affect these softer surfaces. It can provide formal, traditional, country or contemporary styles that will match any room décor. Best of all, it continues to look new even after years of normal household abuse. In a busy home with children and pets, laminate flooring is a great choice for your active lifestyle.

So with the Holidays rapidly upon us, my partners and I genuinely thank our many customers that purchased Laminate flooring in preparation to entertain and impress their guests. Furthermore, I must pause and reflect on my own values as I approach the New Year. I look to the future with renewed vigor and resolve to put away my childish flooring bigotry and humbly proclaim: 


John Maclay

BMB Flooring Emporium

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Flooring Purchase Myth: $39* Carpet Installation—What a Deal!!

$39 Installation HookOk, there’s nothing free in this world. We all know this, yet when we hear something as good as “$39 Entire House Carpet Installation”, how can we not jump on board the savings train. But beware: you’ll end up pulling the train when the savings are totaled on your final invoice.

Who would install carpet for free? Sure, you’d install your own carpet for free. You may even install a family or friends carpet for nothing. But would you install mine for free? No. It makes no sense. Carpet installers have bills to pay and families to feed just like the rest of us. If it took twelve hours for a two-person $39 flooring team to install your carpet, would it be ethical to pay them $1.63 an hour to do it? If this happened in reality, then you, the consumer, would be the evil one.

Thank heavens that you are guilt free in this. All of you can, (in good conscience) pay that $39 install fee as much as you want. Get your whole house done. In fact, get mine done too. You can put away those pesky ethics, because in reality, the installers are getting paid a fair wage—trust me.

Nothing for Free!

We live in the age of information and the amount of carpet misinformation available is mind boggling. Let me break it down for you. A $39 installation gets your carpet installed over your existing tack strip. What is doesn’t cover is:

  • Any furniture moving. (You don’t live in an empty house.)
  • The price for removing the old carpet and padding. (Want to pull it up? It’s nasty business.)
  • Fees to haul away and any recycling charges.
  • Any dump fees to dispose of your existing flooring.
  • Steps. (Always an extra fee—even in legitimate quotes, as some homes do not have stairs. Yet, understand that they are always extra charges over any over-the-counter prices.)
  • Tack stripping.
  • All transition strips between different flooring and other carpets.
  • Carpet seaming charges. (Standard residential carpets come in 12’ rolls. Have a 12’ 6” wide room? Then hold onto your wallet!)
  • Measuring (This is a cardinal sin! Measuring should be a part of our service and not an extra fee. The Lowe-Depots of the world charge extra, but you should never, ever, ever agree to pay for measuring—ever! You’re paying them to compete for your business. What if they’re prices are too high? Then you are out that cash.)
  • Delivery charges.
  • Extra for just about everything unforeseen.

If the world was perfect and your particular project was an ideal candidate for a $39 install, then how would the installer get paid? In the obviously over inflated prices of carpet and padding.

No Hidden Fees?

Don’t get me wrong, these nickels and dimes are costs of doing business. All us carpet retailers have trash Carpet Surchargesdumpsters, delivery charges and carpet seams to piece together. It’s called overhead. The difference is where the hook is. By hiding these charges behind a $39 asterisk, (*) you don’t feel a thing until you’ve swallowed the bait and have the hook firmly planted in your mouth.

When I quote a project, it is based on the reconnaissance of the estimator that measured and reviewed your individual project. All costs are factored in. Furthermore, my displayed ‘installed’ prices on our store product selection already have the services such as furniture moving, standard seeming, padding, etc., already built into the sales price. In this way, our clients can better review their job costs without fear of any bait and switch tactics. After the job is reviewed and found to not need services such as furniture moving or disposal, the customer can actually save money off of the final price!

So is Flooring Installation Rocket Science?

No. But neither is rocket science for that matter. What separates the great flooring installers, (and rocket scientists) and from the bad, isn’t a high IQ or a college degree. No, it’s the experience and dedication to the art that we devote ourselves to. Integrity, honesty and craftsmanship are what keep you coming back to us good guys. Trust your flooring to a practitioner that has your interests as a priority—not a gimmicky shell gamer looking to pocket your hard earned cash.

John Maclay

BMB Flooring Emporium

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BMB Flooring Emporium is Watching Out For You.

BMB Flooring Emporium - Neighborhood WatchThe BMB Flooring Emporium is proud to announce that we now members of our local Neighborhood Watch Association. Safety and security to our neighborhood is important to us. We would like to thank our local chapter for accepting us and look forward to doing what we can to keep to our neighbors’ homes and business safe..

Why Neighborhood Watch?

  • It works. Throughout the country, dramatic decreases in burglary and related offenses are reported by law enforcement professionals in communities with active Watch programs.
  • Today’s transient society produces communities that are less personal. Many families have two working parents and children involved in many activities that keep them away from home. An empty house in a neighborhood where none of the neighbors know the owner is a prime target for burglary.
  • Neighborhood Watch also helps build pride and serves as a springboard for efforts that address other community concerns such as recreation for youth, child care, and affordable housing.

Who can be involved?

Any community resident can join – young and old, single and married, renter and homeowner. Even the busiest of people can belong to a Neighborhood Watch -they too can keep an eye out for neighbors as they come and go.

What does a Neighborhood Watch do?

  • A Neighborhood Watch is neighbors helping neighbors. They are extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and helping neighbors.
  • Members meet their neighbors; learn how to make their homes more secure, watch out for each other and the neighborhood, and report activities that raise their suspicions to the police or sheriffs’ office.
  • Mark valuable property with an identifying number (Operation I.D.) to discourage theft and help law enforcement agencies identify and return stolen property.

For more information about the Neighborhood Watch and crime activity in your area, check out these links:

The Neighborhood Watch

Erie Neighborhood Watch Council

Family Watch Dog

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Flooring: a simple definition

Gravity FlooringGravity.

It’s the most powerful force in the universe. It affects everything—even time itself. Gravity makes small things heavy and big things light. Without it, we would float, lacking pull in any direction. No floor would exist, only walls. Gravity is what gives us a floor and ensures that everything—even the other walls, rests on it. Gravity’s power makes the floor the first wall of them all. The floor is that special. It holds on it everything that we love and hate. That’s one bad-ass wall. Next to it, every other flat surface is just eye candy.

Stain Resistant FlooringYou can’t argue with physics. Your floor is that important to you—and we take that seriously. Ask yourself who you are and decorate your #1 wall appropriately. Do you wrestle with your kids on the floor? Like to slide in socks on the hard wood? Got messy kids? Pet’s not quite house broken? Afraid of slipping in the wet bathroom? Like to cook greasy food? Do you dig the southwest? Eat spaghetti in the livingroom? Know thyself and dial-in your flooring specifically to you.

There are so many flooring materials to synchronize with your family or business. Hard surfaces, soft surfaces and those in between. Stain resistance, durability, expensive and cheap, it’s all there. So with this in mind, we at the BMB Flooring Emporium challenge you: Decorate your vertical walls with appealing color and artwork that blow your mind. But on the floor…the most important wall in any room, make it the surface to rest your life on.

flooring decision

I’d like to welcome you to our blog. In upcoming weeks, we’ll post articles that will help you understand the world of flooring. The facts and concepts posted here will aid in your flooring selection and hopefully dispel the many myths and misleading information that surround our industry. Please add to the conversation if you can or just chime in. We’re your hometown flooring guys. Welcome to our neighborhood.


John Maclay

BMB Flooring Emporium

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